Rating and Awards

We have developed a whole system to help motivate writers produce better results, and help customers make the right choice. Writer’s profile will give you information about the number of orders completed, in progress or canceled, as well as types of writing the writer specializes in, but that is rarely enough to make a choice. But when you can see the writer’s average satisfaction rate and achievements, it makes the choice much easier.

The Top Writers page shows the highest rated writers with their awards and number of completed orders. This list is updated each time an order is finished and approved.


Rating is the writer’s average score. Every time a writer finishes an order, you are asked to rate your experience from 1 to 10 and leave comments. This score is added to the rest and the rating is automatically updated. The feedback is also important, since the rating alone can be high, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture on what the writer is good at.


It is a system of badges given to writers for high quality and productivity. Here is the list of awards writers can get:

Triple Ten – 10 orders within 10 days, each order rated 10 out of 10.

Nine Plus – for writers with at least 9.0 rating, who have completed 5 or more orders.

Proven Punctuality – for writers with at least 8.0 rating, who have completed 15+ orders within 30 days, while 80% or more of these orders have been delivered on time.

Proven Reliability – for writers with at least 8.0 rating, who have completed 15+ orders within 30 days, while no more than 3% of order were canceled.

Writer of the Month – for outstanding performance according to number of returning customers, feedback, delivery rates, and other criteria; granted on individual basis.

Newcomer of the Month – for new writers, granted individually for one month, based on feedback and number of finished orders.

Customer Loyalty – for writers who have over 20% (but more than 10) returning customers compared to the number of customers they worked for.