Frequently Asked Questions

Orders: General information

Our website is simple in use, but we also have a “How It Works” page, dedicated to placing an order, assigning a writer and payments.

For that you need to fill out two order forms. The first one s short and contains your e-mail address, type of paper, deadline and number of pages needed. If it is your first time using our service, at this point an account will be created for you, the details to which will be sent to the given email. Then, you are redirected to an extended order form, where you can leave instructions and other requirements to your order.

Yes, you can upload files with data and sources, useful to the writer, while filling out the second order form.

For an academic assignment, you can choose either MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, or Not Applicable (in cases when you don't require a specific format). If you need a specific type of formatting, you can describe it in the paper details and discuss it with writers directly.

When you log onto your account, there is a “Forgot password link”, use it to reset your password.

The price for an order depends on several factors, including the writer’s expertise. There are no extra and placing an order is free, you only pay for the work and when it’s done, in parts. You can also get a free preview of how your completed order may look like, from the applied writers.

Yes. We adhere to traditional societal norms and principles, and we do not provide papers on the following controversial topics:
• Gay marriage
• Abortion
All orders for these topics will be automatically canceled.

We believe it is the responsibility of students to pass tests on their own, whether online or on paper. In terms of a multiple choice test or any other kind of online tests, it is quite difficult to assess how a writer of ours would do on one.

If you have ordered us to complete an exam, it will be automatically cancelled. Including orders to complete tests, do not share any personal information with us. It can compromise your own security and possibly your standing in your educational institution.

Orders in Progress

Your order will be completed by the deadline you have specified in the instructions, unless another date is negotiated with the writer in chat. The who order is supposed to be ready by that time. Orders are written in parts, and if you need any part sooner or later, you can make arrangements with the writer. But you should also understand that most writers have tight schedules, and don’t have to agree to any changes in the deadline after they started working on an order.

When all parts of your order are finished, you approve it and release payment for your writer, you will be able to download the completed work from your personal order page, in PDF or MS Word format.

You can use the “Edit order details” button on your personal order page to change deadline, number of pages, title or instruction while writers are still applying to your order. But in this case, all bids for your order will be considered outdated, and the bidding process will start again.

If you need to change any instructions later on, when a writer is already working on your order, you will have to discuss any possible changes with your writer in chat.

Please express all your concerns involving the paper while the order is still in progress. If you are not satisfied with the way any of the order parts are written you can discuss them with your writer in chat and make changes before you can approve the order part and release payment. When you approve the last part of your order and release all payments, the order get “Finished” status and then you can only make changes via a new order for editing or rewriting service.

In editing service up to 25-30% of content may be changed, and it also involves formatting the document in a particular style. Rewriting covers up to 70% change in content, including proofreading and editing. Depending on how many changes your draft requires, you might need one or the other. You will also have to upload the initial papers, as these services do not involve writing from scratch.

This service lists your order at the top, and is meant attract more attention to your order from the writers. This also means that you will get more bids, and a wider selection of deals to choose from. The service costs an additional $4.95 and is available while your order is on “Bidding” status.


While our company is based in Cyprus, we hire writers from many countries around the world, both English native and non-native speakers. You can specify the writer’s location directly in chat, if that information is relative.

When potential writers apply for a position at our company our Writers Department reviews each and evaluates their knowledge of English, writing skills, as well as knowledge of business writing standards and professional experience. We can constantly keep up with writers progress due to customer feedback, ratings and awards, it’s the best evidence of how good they are.

It is the writer’s average score. The rating is calculated automatically based on the number of completed orders and ratings the writer has received from customers. It is designed to maintain competition amongst writers and help customers choose the best fit for the job, since you can see all the numbers.

It is another system for tracking writer achievements, used for motivating writers and helping customers choose the right one for their task. You can see the full list of awards with descriptions on the “Rating & Awards” page. Writers with combined best rating and most awards are show on the Top Writers page.

It is a chance for the writer to improve. When we come across lateness, plagiarism, inappropriate chat conversations, or other instances reported by the customer, we investigate and issue warnings, if needed. If a writer does not heed the warnings, their employment is terminated.

Payments & Quality

There is a secure and easy way to pay for your order - you load money to the account balance. This way, you can easily manage your budget as well as fulfill the payment whenever needed.

The system automatically splits the order into several parts, depending on the size of your desired paper and deadline; but no more than 5 parts. So if you have, for example, a three-page order with more than 48 hours deadline, it will have three parts. If you have a one-page order, it will be divided in two despite what deadline you choose.

You can pay in parts or for the whole order by clicking the “Release” button. We recommend that you release payments for each part, as soon as it is complete and doesn’t require changes. The final payment should be released only if you are sure the order is fully complete, since it cannot be revised or edited after the order is approved and paid for.

Yes, you can return any amount of money loaded to your account balanced but not yet released to the writer. On the other hand, the funds that have already been paid to the writer are non-refundable. Therefore, we suggest you check all completed parts of the order carefully before approving them and releasing funds. For more information, read the Refund Policy section of our website.

We have reached a good balance between affordable prices and appropriate writer wages. We also prefer to minimize our involvement in the bidding process. But you are free to choose the best deal out of the bids your order receives.

You can can use our Plagiarism Check. It is a service that allows you to check the paper multiple times for similarities against online sources; for example, each time the writers adds to it or makes changes. This service is free for our customers, so we suggest that you perform regular checks and contact the writer immediately, any time you get high similarity index.

Any amount charged back will be withdrawn from your account balance. In case this amount exceeds your account balance, all orders in progress will be canceled automatically by our system. You can initiate a query with our Support Team to resolve chargeback issues.


Yes. We do everything possible to keep personal information that you submit to us safe, and we never disclose it to parties uninvolved with the orders. However, we strongly suggest you do not share any personal data, like your email address, phone number or name, with your writer, as we have no control over how they might use it and cannot guarantee confidentiality in this case.

Yes, but keep in mind that if you do, neither you nor our support services will be able to restore your account, along with any information that was kept there. To start using our services again, you will have to create a new account.